Postgraduate Supervision


Post Graduate Level 
(Name of Degree), (Name of Candidates), (Title of Thesis), (Academic Session)


Doctoral Degree (PhD), Syed Abdul Manan, Mapping mismatches : English-medium education policy, perceptions and practices in the low-fee private schools in Quetta Pakistan

Masters Degree, Wanitha, Language Shift in Malayalam Community in Malaysia: A Tri-generational Study, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Ashraf Z.R. Tantish, A Critical Discourse Analysis of the News Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in AJE and CNN News Websites, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Deborah Ashabai A/P S. Fredericks John, Identity Construction and Code Switching in English Newspaper Advertisements, 2011/2012

Masters Degree, Hanan Bulgasim Salem, Language and Identity among Libyan Students in Malaysia, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Royzal Bin Tami, L2 Learners Construction of Meaning of Figurative Expressions, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Nadia Abed Shakeh, Thematic Progression and Rhetorical Structure in Opinion Articles of an Online Iraqi English newspaper, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Rami Maher Delli, Stance Taking and Identity Construction between Supervisors and Supervisees, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Nurul Amilin Abu Talib, Systemic Functional Perspective on Thematic Choices and Progression in Advertorials, 2011/2012

Masters Degree, Nur Ilyani Binti Idris, Morphological Errors in Journal Writing, 2012/2013


Masters Degree, Liang Kaizhu, Academic Writing, 2014/2015

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Masturah Bt. Abdul Ghani, Ideological Effects and Persuasion in Media Discourse on Telecommunication Towers and Health Risk: A Critical Discourse Analysis, 2011/2012

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Chai Yee Ying, Interlanguage Pragmatics: Requests in Italian among Malaysian University Students, 2011/2012

Masters Degree, Sharmini A/P Muniandy, Sociolinguistics, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Ahmed Zayed Deeb Razaiyneh, English Language and Employability, 2013/2014

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Mohammad Azannee Bin Saad, Discourse Analysis (Conversation Analysis), 2011/2012

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Nael Hijjo, Discourse and Translation, 2013/2014

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Rami Maher Delli, Discourse Analysis (Conversation Analysis), 2014/2015

Masters Degree, Sandra Asong, Sociolinguistics, 2012/2013

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Azadeh Shobeiri, Discourse Analysis, 2011/2012

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Seval Birlik, Discourse Analysis (Conversation Analysis), 2011/2012


Doctoral Degree (PhD), Hassan Fartousi, Rhetorical Patterns and Persuasive Strategies of Editorials in English Dailies in Malaysia, 2011/2012

Masters Degree, Afiq Hafiz Jamaludin, Language Use and Identity Construction of MalaysianGays, 2011/2012

Masters Degree, Komalam Kalimithu, Sociolinguistics, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Muzaireen Binti Muzafar, English language proficiency and job performance, 2012/2013

Masters Degree, Syazana Binti Mohd Sharif, Mood and Modality in Grimm's Fairy Tales: A Systemic Functional Approach, 2012/2013

Final Project Paper Supervision

  1. Yu Mei Hua (2008). Functions and Reasons of Code Switching Among University Students in Malaysia
  2. Lu Xiaopeng (2008). Lexical Borrowing in Chinese English Newspaper
  3. Chin Kou Ren (2009). Linguistic Vitality in Trigenerational Chinese Families in Kuantan, Malaysia
  4. Audrey Lin (2009). Perception of Malaysians about  Malaysian English
  5. S. Ranjeetha (2009). Euphemism on Cultrally Taboo Language in Malaysian English Newspaper
  6. Patricia Antoinette Lajumin (2009). Gender Roles and swearing Behavior of  Malaysian University Students
  7. Lim Chia Jui (2010). International Students' Perception Towards Their Native and Non-native English Teachers in Malaysia   

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